[Class] Lindy Hop - 4 week course
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9th January 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Cyril Cres
Cardiff CF24 1DQ
Anna Rogers

Please note that these classes are run as two separate courses based on your own levels.  Book your class on lindyhopcardiff.com. Each course will last for 4 weeks and starts on the first Tuesday of every month.

Location: Roath Conservative Club

The Basics class (Level 1)

These courses are run in 4-week blocks every month and are aimed at absolute beginners.

These courses are ideal for absolute beginners with no prior experience, they will focus on building confidence in body movement such as travel and turns, connection and lead/follow technique. You will be introduced to simple footwork patterns, and the basic swing moves needed to start you off on the social dance floor.

You don’t need any prior experience, and don’t need to bring a partner (although it’s recommended as it will help balance the numbers in the room!)

Each session will start with a 1 hour class followed by a half hour practice session.

7pm – 8pm instructional session introducing you to basic concepts and simple moves

8pm – 8:30pm will be structured practice time with feedback from teacher and a chance to ask questions


The Moves class (Level 2)

These courses are run in 4-week blocks every month, and are aimed at dancers with a solid grounding in the basics. These classes will give you a broad knowledge of swing dance moves and the ability to lead and follow them in different contexts.

These courses will focus on teaching you the vocabulary of swing dance, covering a variety of moves to add to your repertoire. You’ll learn how to use moves in different contexts and how to truly lead and follow them with style.

This is ideal for dancers who have covered a few months of The Basics and are wishing to vary their content, or for higher level dancers who feel ‘stuck in a rut’ on the social dance floor and wish to add more moves to their skills set.

Each session starts with a warm-up social dance section, followed by a 1hr class starting at 8:30pm..

8pm – 8:30pm Will be a warm up session, with a chance for the teacher to familiarise herself with your level and needs

8:30pm – 9:30pm instructional session covering key moves in the Lindy Hop repertoire.