Salsa Buena (Shahid)


Shahid is the founder, director, and main teacher of Salsa Buena and most of its classes. He began his Salsa journey in 2001 whilst living in London when persuaded to attend a local Salsa class and has since not looked back! Living in London he was fortunate enough to count some of the worlds best teachers and performers as his mentors, Super Mario, Susanna Montero, Marchant Birch, Leon Rose, Tamambo, Larisa Balogh, as well as travelling to international congresses around the world from Spain to USA learning from all the worlds best teachers . “I was so lucky to have these guys as my teachers, learning from the best of the best!”. After returning to his home town of Cardiff in 2006, Shahid found that his skills were much in demand and Salsa Buena was eventually born!

The success of Salsa Buena has been huge, largely due to its great, fun, friendly and structured classes with very experienced and professional teachers, enabling everyone not only to enjoy their experience but to be able to achieve their full potential on the dance floor. Salsa Buena’s success extends far beyond having the most popular classes and organising the biggest events in and around Cardiff.

Shahid is also regularly booked to guest teach at renowned dance events and functions around the UK, and has made numerous media appearances and interviews as part of Salsa Buena on major Radio, TV, and newspaper channels as well as using his dancing/choreography/teaching skills in dance scenes when called for in TV dramas and movies. For Shahid and Salsa Buena it’s about reaching as many people as possible to enjoy the amazing positive benefits socially, mentally, physically and spiritually that dancing and learning to dance brings ALL of us.


No need to bring a partner. Casual wear is the norm, we recommend you wear anything comfortable on your feet with a smooth sole. Please do not bring your own drinks and please purchase any drink (pref not squash!) at the bar to support us being at the venue. All classes are approx 50 minutes in length, all times given could be subject to some delay and overrun. Contact us if you wish to purchase class gift vouchers for any occasion.

Where and when

Shahid teaches every Monday in Cowbridge, Every Tuesday in Kapu Nightclub in Cardiff, and every Wedneday in Rhwbina Recreation Club. See our calendar for a full list of his Cardiff events.

Contact Information

Facebook: Salsa Buena

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07800565651