About Gemma

Gemma discovered salsa in 2007 and quickly became a self-professed salsa addict. She has travelled across the UK and learnt from some of the most prominent figures in the international
salsa community since then. She began performing in 2009 and has been teaching since 2010 in Cardiff.  She is known for her energetic style and her passion for salsa dance and music.


Gemma teaches cross-body style salsa and also runs skills workshops for all styles of salsa dancers.

Her beginners classes are taught in collaboration with Salsa Souls. Students will be given the fundamental steps and basic turn patters to use as their foundations to build up their repertoire.

Her skills workshops are taught in a dance studio, and give students an in depth understanding of the mechanics of salsa and its connection to the music with plenty of individual feedback and tips for improvements.

Where and when

Skills workshops: Every Sunday from 5pm at JustOne Theatre Arts, 19 Splott Road, Cardiff

Beginners classes: Every Monday from 8pm at O’Neills, St. Mary’s Street, Cardiff

Intermediate / Advanced Classes: coming soon

Small group lessons and one-to-one private lessons are available on request.

See the calendar for her upcoming classes and workshops.

Contact Information

Mobile: 07979 140224

Facebook: Simplysalsacardiff